Created with extremely high standards, Sun Valley Concentrated Home & Linen Mists release their fragrance quickly and intensely, yet the scent lasts for up to four hours! They deliver that extra burst of fragrance that you love in your bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen—as well as refresh your linens and home fabrics.

Intense Fragrance

Created to complement your favorite Sun Valley Candles, these premium mists are traditional fragrances that enhance, not overpower, rooms, linens, closets, and more!

Peace of Mind

Most air fresheners or linen mists are manufactured in aerosol cans, some of which contain ingredients like chlorofluorocarbons that, when released in the air, pollute the environment, and can be harmful to your health. With Sun Valley Mists, the only thing that’s released is a wonderful fragrance. And Sun Valley containers are 100% recyclable!

Use Anywhere, Anytime

Sun Valley mists are so versatile, you can capture your favorite scents anytime, anywhere. Use in your bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen, kids’ room, living room, closets, study, or exercise room. Or use on your linens, curtains, laundry room, pet beds, at work, at school, in the car, when traveling, at the gym, at the office.

Whether you’re in the car or enhancing the rooms of your home, you’ll love how Sun Valley Mists add that extra touch of comfort.

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