What Makes It Different?
FiberWise drinks, bars, and cereals are made with psyllium husk fiber and other sources of fiber as well as a proprietary blend of herbs, vitamins, and antioxidants.

FiberWise Oatmeal Raisin Bars combine a delicious, chewy bar with the natural power of psyllium husk fiber and other sources of fiber. Grab a FiberWise Oatmeal Raisin Bar, and you’re good to go. Real rolled oats, plump raisins, and crisp rice are drizzled with a sweet yogurt icing to create a chewy, cinnamon-sweet treat that jump-starts your taste buds and your metabolism. Plus, it’s loaded with 9 grams of fiber, as well as antioxidants, to help protect your heart and your health with every delicious bite.*


Why Is That Important?
Psyllium husk fiber has been shown to help reduce the risk of heart disease by helping to reduce both total cholesterol and LDL (or “bad”) cholesterol. † It also helps promote regularity and it helps collect and sweep away toxins for a healthier digestive tract.* Melaleuca is the only company that offers the proprietary blend of psyllium husk, herbs, vitamins, and antioxidants found in FiberWise. You can't find it anywhere else!

It Works Because…
As the soluble fiber in psyllium husk absorbs liquid while moving through the digestive tract, it also absorbs cholesterol and bile acids, allowing them to pass out of the body instead of being absorbed by the intestines. The result is a natural lowering of blood cholesterol levels. †

In addition, FiberWise helps promote a healthy digestive tract with an exclusive blend of herbs, vitamins, and antioxidants:

  • Aloe vera leaf —helps promotes regularity
  • Burdock root—well-known soothing agent
  • Ginger root—reduces gas
  • Peppermint leaf—helps soothe indigestion
  • Licorice root—helps Calm the stomach
  • Grape seed—powerful antioxidant that helps protect the digestive tract
  • Green tea—helps support a healthy metabolism
  • Vitamin A—helps enhance immunity
  • Vitamin C—powerful antioxidant
  • Vitamin E—free radical fighter
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